Hudson Garcia Ruck Rover, wing


“Huddy” - Ruck Rover, Wing

Hudson “Huddy” Garcia is a new addition to the AZ Hawks, as well as the sport of Aussie rules all together. After being invited to a practice by a friend, the idea of a competitive full contact sport was enough to get him on the field right away. It took all but a couple practices to have him fully hooked. Growing up Hudson played sports like hockey, basketball, and lettered playing football at Pinnacle High School. The challenge of a new sport, with new rules, and fundamentals has been just what this 24hr old needed to get back out on the field. He cannot wait to further develop personally, and with this club, as the AZ Hawks become a force to reckoned with on the west coast. When not on the field Hudson plays around town as a local musician and works on campus at ASU sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with college students.