Regular season Practice/Scrimmage - IMPORTANT!

Tue, 28 May 2019
from 6:30pm to 8:00pm

by Jason “Ponyboy” Wilhelm
Posted: over 1 year ago
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Time zone: Arizona
Reminder: 1 day before
Ends: 08:00pm (duration is about 2 hours)

This is the last training before the Men play the Outlaws on Saturday June 1st. WE NEED ALL PLAYERS HERE TONIGHT!!! Cannot stress how important this is if we want to put up a good showing again the “other team” on Saturday. Time to step up Men and come prepared, i have faith in us as a playing group and a collective group of players that our best 18 can take it to them, but we will never get there unless we show up to train and play!!

Come out and have a kick and a run with the Arizona Hawks, THE premier Aussie Rules Football team in Arizona. Bringing together people of all backgrounds, experience and fitness levels, “Footy” is the best sport in the world to have fun, stay in shape, and make great friends. Come learn the game or refine the skills you have, and we look forward to you joining the club!!


Fiesta Sports Park Football Field 875 W 8th Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210


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