Arizona Hawks gear up to bring justice to the outlaws and Gamblers this weekend!


Get ready All! This Weekend the Arizona Hawks will be taking on the combined outlaws/Las Vegas gambler team in what is for sure to be the match of the year. Both teams have been hungry for this game, and with an Official USAFL being flown in for this game its known this will be a fast, hard game.

Both teams are bringing all they have, and hopefully a fair and honest contest will come this weekend for both sides. Obviously this writer is keen to see a Hawks Victory this weekend, but what matters more is that all players have a good time and enjoy the footy. Hydrate, eat well today and come ready to play! Hawks please arrive at 9am. Lady Hawks will be asked to help run boundary and goal umpire duties, and the club thanks you for your help!

Ball up is at 10am. Thank you for all fans and friends coming to watch!


Dobson High School, Mesa, AZ

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