Rob Dollar AFLX Tournament Write Up (Hawks)


The Arizona Hawks organized and hosted the 1st Annual Rob Dollar AFLX Tournament this past weekend in Temp AZ. With the temperatures rising to above 100 degrees, it couldn’t have been a more perfect day in AZ for some footy. The Hawks competed in 3 games, featuring over 14 first time Hawks players! One wouldn’t have guessed that most of our players were new to the club and new to the game but the skill and talent they showed. Players from LA, Austin, OKC, LA and Des Moines all complimenting the Hawks on doing such a fantastic job recruiting some amazing talent and delivering on such a hot day. Throughout the day, Alvin did an incredible job tracking the ball and breaking ankles with his footwork. Elijah was outstanding in the forward line as well keeping the play moving and laying serious pressure when needed. Ace was incredible in the 10 minutes he played, showing some unbelievable skill and persistence. In standing up for his team mates he was involved in an incident that had him hit the showers early unfortunately, but we are excited to have him back int he side in our next games. Roaming the forward line, Phil looked like a seasoned veteran out there, and was proud to pull on a Hawks jumper. David kicked a few Goals for the Hawks and showed everyone why he will be a staple of this club for seasons to come. Surprising everyone with his performance against Las Vegas was Joel, delivering some gorgeous kicks. Lev was all over the field applying some serious pressure and showing signs that when a full AFL game is played it will be more to his stride. Coming out with Lev, 1st time playing Ryan Seagull was OUTSTANDING. The strength in his kicks was only matched by the strength of his hits, and we cannot wait to have him back playing for us. The other first timer Ryan Marshall played incredible as well, defending and delivering kicks like he had been doing it all him life. Holding the back line down, Barry playing another consistent tournament, winning him the Men’s Best on Ground for the Tournament. Also in the back line, hitting harder than ever, Dan Hall playing with ridiculous stamina and showed signs of a midfielder in action. The midfield was help down by the power trio of Pony, Adam and Fredi, each playing with grit, determination, and poised skill that unraveled every team they faced. Holding the forward line down was nick Bacon, playing with class and drive. Although we couldn’t get him in the games cause he was too chummy with Las Vegas, Daryl did a fantastic job all over the ground that day. In the forward line and moving up the ground, Travis made good use of his mass laying some good shepherds and serious tackles. The forward line also had a welcomes addition that day of footy veteran Andrew Garcia, bagging a handful of goals and playing like he hasn’t missed a beat. 

Also, a HUGE Thanks to our President Darren Henderson for coordinating, organizing and running such a successful tournament. Going above and beyond to make sure all players had a great tournament did not go unnoticed. Austin, LA, OKC, Vegas and Des Moines all personally thanked the club for your hard work, and it shows their class and respect to recognize a job well done too. 

While the hawks weren’t able to sing their song, they showed that they are exactly where they want to be to show the USAFL in the next few seasons just who the Arizona Hawks are! Playing with Class, composure, and respect for all, the Hawks perfectly demonstrated the core values and manner in which they are growing as a team. With some skill refinement and a push in fitness the Hawks could have taken any team that day, and we are positive that next year this time the Hawks will be returning with a squad ready to dominate! 


Phoenix, AZ

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