Rob Dollar AFLX Tournament Write Up (Lady Hawks)


In what was due to be a huge match, the Arizona Lady Hawks squared up against their cross town rival Lady Outlaws who were joined by a few New York Magpies in the first woman’s game of 2018. With temperatures rising above 100 degrees, one would think the heat would slow the Lady Hawks down but the only thing it did was fire them up. From the get go, it was nearly impossible to stop Casey Troy in the middle. With an endless tank she courageously attacked and won almost every ball she went to even kicking her first goal for the Lady Hawks. She was joined in the middle by USA National Player Veteran Lindsey Hestand who danced circles around her opponents. Lindsey would go on to kick 2 goals herself and earn “Runner Up Best on Ground”. The Lady Hawks were joined with 2 talented ladies from LA and Des Moines, Loni and Emily. Loni contributed all over the ground with precision kicks and incredible defensive pressure, bagging a goal herself. Emily was all over the ground as well never giving up and causing numerous turn overs. Also causing turnovers with constant pressure and some bone crunching tackles was Megan Jones. Megan would also go to kick her first Lady Hawk goal as well. These ladies alone kept the Outlaw/Magpie women to just one lonely behind, and that’s without even mentioning the forwards and power defender. When Dani Marshall would collect the ball on the ground, you knew immediately when she kicked it from the “boom” and the 40 yards the ball would travel. Dani would go on to win the “Best on Ground” for the Lady Hawks. Playing forward, Linsay Roberts was the reason our crummers would be able to collect as many goals as they could. Always hovering around the goals was Rai would would kick her first 2 goals in a Hawks Jumper. Coming from rugby, Rai was happy she was able to go out there and lay some incredible tackles for her team mates. Making it into the second game, Vanessa showed some true skill and endurance running circles all over the field scoring a behind. The last player out there who made a huge impact on the game was none other than 2 time USA National Player Veteran Melissa Wilhelm. Playing with what might be a torn meniscus, Melissa ran through Outlaw after Outlaw to get every ball she could. She would go on to kick 3 beautiful goals and showed what it meant to play with Class, Skill and true Athleticism. With Melissa’s Leadership as Captain, the Lady Hawks beat the Outlaw/Magpies easily in game 1, and tie in game 2.

Game 1

Lady Hawks 10.7 67

Lady Outlaws/Magpies: 1.0 6

Game 2

Lady Hawks 0.1 1

Lady Outlaws/Magpies: 0.1 1


Phoenix, AZ

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